Books and extracts from interesting texts about the history of Club Deportivo Palestino

Crónica de un encuentro: fútbol y cultura popular
(Eduardo Santa Cruz, 1991)

Chapter: ‘ Españoles, “bachichas” y “baisanos” ‘, pags 73-81

Españoles, "bachichas y baisanos" en Santa Cruz, Eduardo, Crónica de un encuentro: fútbol y cultura popular. Santiago: ARCOS, 1991 ([Santiago]: L & M).
Language: Spanish
Very general description about Club Deportivo Palestino, comparing it with other teams from foreign communities in Chile, such as Unión Española and Audax Italiano.

Source: Memoria Chilena

Citizens and Sportsmen. Fútbol and Politics in Twentieth-Century Chile (Brenda Elsey, 2011)

Chapter: Middle eastern immigrant clubs, págs 157-173

Language: English
Valuable book, because it refers to the amateur history of sports clubs in Chile.
It also refers to the amateur stage of Club Deportivo Palestino, also illustrating the racism of Chilean society against the Arab immigrant at that time.

Source: Google Books

Cambio de Juego. Historias desconocidas del fútbol chileno
(Nicolás Vidal, 2017)

Chapter: ‘Palestino, un club único en el Mundo’

Language: Spanish
Interesting review about Club Deportivo Palestino, after the media boom it had after releasing the shirt with the map of Historical Palestine.

Source: Google Books
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