Article N°1: Club Deportivo Palestino’s first statutes

This is the first of the discoveries about the ‘4 Colores’ project, inside the historical research about Club Deportivo Palestino.

One of them was to find the original statutes of the team, from 1916 (our regards to Rachel Beaty for getting the document from the National Library of Chile and taking the pictures), before the football branch was founded.

It was originally founded under the name ‘Club Sportivo Palestina’, as can be seen in the picture below

Also it can be seen the language used in those years to refer to what we usually call ‘sport’ (‘deporte’ in spanish). In the major article it can be noticed that the team was founded ‘in order to encourage the development of physical forces’.

Also the team develops all sport´s disciplines and members only could be between 12 and 40 years old.

These statutes are such as any sport team, but the interesting part is located on the last page, which contains part of the signatory members:


Members who signed the founding charter “Club Sportivo Palestina” from 1916

1. Salomón Ahues Abukalil
25. Selim Ahues Salah
2. Stefano Costandil Riadi
3. Antonio Reade
6. Juan Riadi
10. Jorge Riadi
11. Pacífico Riadi
56. Juan J Riadi
4. Jorge Halabi
47. Jorge Juan Halabi
52. Plácido Halabi
63. Bichara Halabi
9. Alejandro Afane
16. Abraham Atala
22. Enrique Awad
51. Anis Awad
64. Abraham Abdelmur
18. Antonio Balut
20. Salvador Bandek
12. Miguel Carcur
26. Benedicto Chuaqui
41. Alegria J. Catan
33. Habib David
38. Felipe Dable
55. Juan Deik
35. Isaac Giadala
42. Abdo J. Jesam
57. Elias Jacir
36. Germán Krauss
24. Benito Larech
69. Elías Lama
17. Luis A. Montero
29. Salomón Mussiet
54. Constantino Manzur
66. Filomeno Morales
59. Elías Obaid
65. José Odé
58. Nicolás Rabie
49. Nicolás Saffie
5. Nuncio Saffie
50. Miguel Saffie
15. Pedro Schain
32. Jorge A. Samandar
34. Jorge Sabaj
43. Nuncio Salah
60. Abed Salamé
67. Andrés Saba
48. Jorge Tacla
19. Antonio Valech
23. Tomás Zurob
46. Elías Zurob
68. Jorge T. Zaglul

We want to make a special call to the supporters who are descendants of those founders, in case they can give us more information about the team, pictures or testimony about the amateur ages (from 1916 to 1951).

It is important to say that Club Deportivo Palestino was the first palestinian institution in Chile, which paved the way for the integration of migrants and palestinian descendants. This is a clear evidence, confirming that there was palestinian people in the area, dismissing the zionist and Israeli speech that says that zionist settlers came to an uninhabited land, and spreading phrases such as ‘a land without people for a people a land. If it were not so, or if the first immigrants had not been their origin so clear, had founded an arab club, ottoman or related to another group, however they defined themselves as palestinians.

The founding of this institution was also made even before the Balfour Declaration of 1917, when Britain, without any attribution or legal legality promised a ‘Jewish national home’ for zionists in Palestine.

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