Article N°2: Club Deportivo Palestino’s early years

Note: This is the article Nº2 about the historical research about Club Deportivo Palestino for the project ‘4 Colores’

Continuing with the historical discoveries from the ‘4 Colores’ Project, we will refer to the Club Deportivo Palestino early years

The 6th page of ‘Los Sports’ magazine begin with this paragraph:

“The august 8th of 1920 a small but enthusiast group of young men from the (palestinian) community and settled the roots of a new sport institution called ‘Palestina Football Club’ “

This publication is from january 23th of 1931, where the team was knowns about their tennis branch. It detailed in what way the football branch was founded and who were its directors. (1)

There is a clarifying fact: About between 1921 and 1923, Club Deportivo Palestino participated in the Santiago’s Central Football Association championship, in the young league, honour series, with good results.

Due to the fact of hostility of the other teams and chilean people because the palestinian origin’s players, the team decided to mostly focus on the practice of tennis, because it was a less contact sport, and it was considered a ‘mainly gentlemen sport’.

Previously, in the ‘Los Sports’ magazine, N°289, from september 21th, 1928, page 16th, in the article titled ‘Elias Deik tell us about his sport life’, the interviewed detailed this point in a very diplomatic way (2).

That decision about putting the efforts on the tennis practice, it had a reward because when two tennis players became in a notorious sportmen for the chilean tennis: the brothers Elias and Salvador Deik Lama (coincidently, brothers of the grandfather of Gonzalo Lama, current promising chilean tennis player).

Also it is possible to see more details in the excellent work about amateur chilean football made by professor Brenda Elsey (3)


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