About us

Project Origin

This is a derivative and complementary project of the video documentary project ‘4 Colores’ about Club Deportivo Palestino, where an interesting historical material about was compiled about the team.

Project Goals

  • Let the supporters known the milestones and important facts about Club Deportivo Palestino through:
    • Origin rescue of the team: Through historical research, especially in the team amateur period.
    • Inform the situation of the team in previous periods or decades: Through graphic material extracted from old magazines, such as articles, posters and pictures.
    • Achieving a link between Club Deportivo Palestino and Palestine: Present in several historical fact and it helps to understand the team represent much more than football fanatics.
  • This project is not for profit, and at the moment it is not in our plans to raise money either.
  • Another aspect about this website is that we will be more concerned with posting important team milestones than current events date to date.

Collaborators and Interaction with the fans

  • Project initiator: Carlos Medina
  • Players description: We have the great help from ‘Hincha de Cartón’  blog team (https://elhinchadecarton.blogspot.cl), who have kindly contributed with contents.
  • Amateur history: Valuable contribution of Carlos Hasbun Hasbun, former player of the team professionalization process.
  • If you are interested in our project and would like to participate either:
    • Writing about some important fact, key team match, campaign, player, manager or star.
    • If you have any material that you want to share and its not present on this website, please contact us through the contact form on this link.
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