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Club Deportivo Palestino’s banned jersey

by Carlos Medina Lahsen, para Asifuch
Original Article (spanish):

On January 4th, 2014, one of the greatest milestones in the history of Club Deportivo Palestino began. At the first match of the 2013-2014 Clausura Tournament of Chile’s First Division, when Palestino beat Everton 4-0, with 3 goals from Roberto Gutiérrez (1), the teams’s leaders, together with Roberto Abusada, owner of the sportswear manufacturer Training Profesional, wanted an innovate  new jersey design, which replaced the number ‘1’ with a map of Historic Palestine (present-day Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories that lasted until 1947) (2), a country that, at the time the club was founded, both Jews, Christians and Muslims coexisted within its limits in a peaceful way.

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Club Sportivo Palestina and Balfour Declaration: When Everything Starts

by Carlos Medina Lahsen
Original article (Spanish):


This article aims to elucidate how Club Sportivo Palestina originated, as possibly one of the first sports and social institutions of the Palestinian community in Chile, and how it became in its short existence an organization. To understand its development, it is necessary to delve into the context that allowed the arrival of Palestinians to Chile and the importance of the Balfour Declaration as a fundamental milestone that marks the development of both the Palestinians in their homeland, and as well as the Palestinian community in Chile.

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