Historical Videos

Compilation of videos about the history or a reference from the team, some of tham as result about the documentary ‘4 Colores’ historical research.

Olympic Games of Osorno
(Rio Bueno Producer Company, 1950)

Extract from the incredible film record about the event called “First Olympics of the F.U.J.Ch.A (United Front of the Arab Chilean Youth)”, in Osorno. Recorded by José Garabed on video-8 format, and edited 3 years after filming. Its possible to see a review of the performance about Club Deportivo Palestino, which convinced the team’s leaders to start a process of professionalization of the team, which would materialize in 1952 when playing in the nascent Chilean 2nd division tournament.

Complete video length: 37 minutos
Original video source: https://www.radiosago.cl/video-historico-el-impresionante-registro-historico-de-las-olimpiadas-arabes-de-osorno-1950/
Language: Spanish

Latin American Arabs, Chile – Part 02: In the game
(Al-Jazeera, 2004)

Between 2004 and 2006, Al-Jazeera ordered the producer company Hot Spot Films to make a big series about 25 chapters on Latin American people with Arab origin, covering Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama and Venezuela.
In the 2nd chapter on Chile they refer to Club Deportivo Palestino, at that time in 2004, specifically in these 2 video extracts, where its possible to see that it is clearly made Arab World people.

Director: Ahmed Abu Zeid
Complete video length: 49 minutos
Original link: http://www.hotspotfilms.com/Arabic/Program.aspx?pageid=56 (Currently not available)
Languages: Arabic, spanish

Extract 01
Extract 02

Tino Tino
(Gida Homad-Hamam, 2011)

Mini-documentary of introduction about Club Deportivo Palestino,
made for the Arab World
lenght: 13 minutos
Original link: http://www.aramram.com/episode/1240 (currently not available)
Languages: Arabic, Spanish

Una Cancha Palestina (A Palestinian Court) (HispanTV, 2014)

This video-documentary takes a look at the history and current situation in 2014 about the only football team in Chile and probably worldwide that bears the name of Palestine.
Length: 47 minutes
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgAneHNMghU
Language: Spanish

Clubes, Nuestra Historia: Palestino (Teams, Our History: Palestino)
(CDF, 2015)

Historical video-documentary about Club Deportivo Palestino
Complete video length: 45 minutos.
Link: https://www.prensafutbol.cl/96176-cdf-lanzo-en-su-pagina-web-el-documental-clubes-nuestra-historia/ (currently not available)
Language: Spanish

Palestinian Football gets Chilean boost (FIFATV, 2016)

Review about how Club Deportivo Palestino boost Palestinian soccer with players who played or play in the Palestinian National Football Team
Length: 4 minutos
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaZC143eOIQ
Lamguage: English

The Skin of Palestine
(Santiago Arcos, 2016)

Brief review about Club Deportivo Palestino and what it represents on a political and social side.
Length: 5 minutos.
Link: https://vimeo.com/176057977
Languages: Spanish, English

Cuatro Colores
(Artefactovisual, 2017)

Documentary about the relationship between Club Deportivo Palestino and Palestine
Length: 65 minutos.
Link: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/cuatrocolores
Languages: Spanish, English, Arabic, Hebrew, French, Russian, Turkish, among others

Um Povo nas Costas (A People on the Back) (Peleja Docs, 2019)

Mini-documentary that shows the political-historical side about Club Deportivo Palestino.
Length: 15 minutos.
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO0JzaoXXG0
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish

Dönene Kadar Benim Ülkem (My Country Till I Return)
(Erdal Hoş/Nuran Özkan, 2019)

Length: 65 minutes
Testimonial documentary about Club Deportivo Palestino, about history and fans interviews in Chile and Palestine
Trailer Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOivFSZps8s
Languages: Turkish, Spanish, Arabic
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