Summary Period 1961-1970

Between 1961 and 1964, the team did not have good campaigns, in which it did not rise of the 9th position.

In 1965, the team was enforced by the recruitment of Orlando ‘Chocolito’ Ramirez, Raúl Angulo and Carlos Rubén Villagarcía, once again taking center stage in the previous decade.

In 1966, with the arrival of the new coach, Alfredo ‘Conejo’ Scopelli, the team gained in strategic power, and at the same time consolidates one of the best defenses in the team’s history, with: Victor Castañeda, Raúl Angulo, Ismael Ahumada and Gustavo Cortés.

In 1967, Palestino reached the 12th place, and from this tournament the team suffered some changes that would make him lose competitiveness. Although the Castañeda brothers were beginning to appear in the team lineup, in 1968 great crack Roberto Coll got retired, leaving a big void in that position.

The regular performances that followed (7th place in 1968 and 11th place in 1969), were ‘crowned’ with a sad relegation to the second division in 1970.

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